Packing A Diaper Bag For Your Newborn

When I had my oldest child I was newly 19, a single mom, and had NO IDEA what I was doing. Every time I left the house I felt like I was always forgetting something or didn’t pack enough. It was so stressful, and with all those raging hormones I felt like I was failing. But with time I got the hang of it and now 5 1/2 years and 4 kids later, I feel like I have the perfect list for packing a diaper bag for your newborn.

Packing A Diaper Bag For Your Newborn

I know, packing a diaper bag for your newborn can be SO daunting. You never know what you’ll need in your diaper bag and you feel like you should take the whole house or just not leave at all. But I got you, girl! Let’s pack that diaper bag, with confidence!

Extra outfit for baby(that includes socks)

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, newborn babies spit up and poop A LOT. At least twice a day they’re going to spit up all down the front of their outfit or have an explosive blow-out up the back. Every baby does it. So, I suggest packing at least one extra outfit and two onesies for emergencies. You’ll thank me later!

Extra outfit for mama

Yep, you read that right. You also need an extra outfit, or at least a shirt. Do you remember me mentioning the spit up and explosive blow-outs? It’ll get on you too. Sometimes it’ll go down your back and you won’t even know it. I may or may not be guilty of that. Only me and God knows. You’ll also probably leak breastmilk all over your self a few times too. Better bring an extra bra also.

Burp cloths

Pack at least three burp cloths. And keep one under babe’s head AT ALL TIMES. You may be able to save your outfit that way. Maybe baby’s outfit too. But you need several in case babe gets an air bubble and all of that precious gold completely soaks the burp cloth.

Wet bag

With all of this wet and soiled laundry during your outing, you need a water resistant bag for them all to go in. Ditch the plastic Kroger bags. Wet bags are the way to go! You can just dump the laundry out of the bag into the washing machine and throw the bag right in with it!


In your diaper bag you should have one diaper for every two hours you will be gone, plus an extra three for emergencies. Babies are pretty unpredictable. Now that I’m thinking about it, just pack a diaper for every hour and 5 extra for emergencies.

Also, a cloth diaper cover and a few prefolds (thick burp cloths) is a great thing to keep in the diaper bag for those times you forget to restock the diapers in the diaper bag. I know you’re thinking “I’ll never forget to pack diapers!” Ha. Yeah. I thought that too. And then you’ll be like, “Dang. Wish I would’ve had an emergency cloth diaper like Katie suggested.” I promise not to say, I told you so.


Have a pack of wipes specifically for the diaper bag. If you buy your wipes in bulk, get a reusable wipe case for the diaper bag. It’s also a good idea to keep a few baby wash cloths in the diaper bag just in case you forget or run out of wipes. All you have to do is wet the cloth, wipe, and throw it in the wet bag.


I don’t use pacifiers for my newborns in the first 4-6 weeks while we are both learning how to breastfeed and establishing my milk supply, but I know some moms do. Pack two pacifiers. You’ll probably misplace one or drop it during your outing. It’s not worth worrying about.

Nursing Pads

If you make a lot of milk like I always have in the beginning, you’ll need a lot of nursing pads. Bring a pair for every hour and three extras for emergencies.

Breastmilk and bottles

I know public breastfeeding for new moms can be intimidating or something you just don’t want to do. So pack some breastmilk with a freezer pack and a bottle for each feeding you are planning. Newborns typically need .5 – 1.5 ounces of breastmilk per hour.

Just remember that breastmilk is supply and demand, so if you’re giving a bottle, you need to express your milk pretty soon after so you don’t hurt your supply. But that’s a whole other blog post.

Changing pad

I don’t really like to recommend disposable items, besides diapers and wipes, but disposable changing pads are an absolute must that I will recommend over and over. Just think about it. You wouldn’t lay your baby on the bare changing table because of all those germs, so why would you lay down a changing pad and then put it back in the diaper bag with all of your baby’s CLEAN stuff? Just gross. Get the disposable changing pads.

Rash cream

Newborn baby bottoms are so sensitive. They can get a rash so easily, so make sure you keep something in there for that. I like to keep a small container of coconut oil for my babies. The coconut oil is also good for if your newborn’s skin is peeling (yes that’s a thing) if you notice it while you’re out.


Pack 2 blankets. Your baby will probably get spit up and/or poop on that too. I prefer to keep muslin blankets in my diaper bag because they fold up pretty small not taking up all of that precious space in your bag.

I hope you enjoyed this list and it put you more at ease about packing a diaper bag for your newborn babe. Love and blessings to you and your new little bundle!

xoxo katie-4

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