Homeschool Supplies List

Preparing for your first year of homeschool can be extremely overwhelming. With so much out there now, how are we supposed to know everything we need to get? So stressful! Or at least that is how I felt when I first started preparing. That’s why I created this homeschool supplies list of our favorite things we will be using this year.

homeschool supplies list

Some links on this page are affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you use them, at no extra cost to you. The commissions I earn from these links help me keep this blog running and support my family. I only link these products because I trust in their quality and believe they will benefit you as they have my family.

I just cannot believe that my oldest child is ALREADY old enough to be in kindergarten! We plan to officially start on August 5th! I’m going to take the next month to get all of our school supplies together and organized and I’ll show you all the process, and our homeschool supplies, along the way!

Homeschool Supplies List

We’ve been dabbling in homeschool here and there for about a year now, figuring out which style of learning we want to do, before starting kindergarten. I decided to teach by what they’re interested in at the time and planning all of my lessons around it. We are so excited about our homeschooling journey! Now on to my homeschool supplies list!

Basic supplies

Golf pencils

Golf pencils are great for beginner writers! The benefit of using the shorter pencil is that its less area for the child to grab and helps develop fine motor control. After the child is confident in using these pencils and you can see that they’re gripping appropriately, you can switch over to the normal sized pencils.

Onyx and Green eco-friendly bamboo ruler

Because it can take more than 400 YEARS for plastic to degrade, we decided to ditch the plastic rulers and go with the Onyx and Green eco-friendly bamboo ruler. Bamboo is very durable and the ink on this ruler is soy ink, which is presumed to be friendly to our environment.


Wide ruled paper

We decided to go with wide ruled paper instead of handwriting paper so we can skip the process of transitioning.

Spiral notebook

3 ring binder

3 ring binder Is going to be one of THE most important tools to keep you organized! You can use a binder to fill up with curriculum for each child to work through, a binder for completed work and art projects, a binder for yourself, or even binders for each subject!

Art Supplies

Onyx and Green Glue Sticks

Crayola markers

Honey sticks crayons

For crayons we chose these cute chubby Honey sticks! They’re made of 100% beeswax with food grade coloring. And the huge plus is they can’t be broken by little hands! I think this may be what I’m most excited about on our homeschool supplies list!

Art paper

Construction paper

Craft Supplies


Paint brushes

School Room Supplies


Printer ink

US/World map

Desk organizer

White board

Dry erase markers

Curriculum and tools

Teach your child to read in 20 easy lessons

Beginning reader books

Geometric shapes

Anatomy play set

Wooden reading blocks

Counting rods and number cards


What’s on your homeschool supplies list?

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