Welcome to A Little Piece of Mom!

If you’re a naturally-minded mom that believes in gentle and peaceful parenting, that has a passion to lift up other women on their journey, home-schools or is interested in homeschooling, wholeheartedly believes with no hesitation that bodily autonomy is your child’s birthright, and believes in your natural instincts to nurture and bring up your children to be amazing adults in a way that no one else can, then you’ve found your place! 


img_2563Hey, girl! I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Katie. I am a momma to 5 incredible kids and engaged to the absolute love of my life, their amazing dad. I am also a bodily autonomy advocate, homeschooler, blogger, crystal lover, and queen of the “whatever gets it done fastest” moms. 

I am on my new journey of helping moms, just like you, who want to start a natural, home-centered, more peaceful way of life for their family, while I also do this for my family. 

I created A Little Piece of Mom to be the place where you find that you just belong. Where you can get parenting advice for raising multiple children, homeschooling tips, natural living tips, and whatever else comes out of my, or a guest bloggers, brain of scattered information.

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